Best Private Equity Firms of the Future

What will private equity look like in the future? We reviewed some recent articles that show a strong emphasis not only on sourcing, but also skills at executing transactions and adding value post-close. One primary value-add is a strong accounts receivables solution for your portfolio companies. Ask The Credit Department about services to improve the… Continue reading>

Latest News on Private Equity Asset Management

The Credit Department has reviewed the headlines regarding portfolio company profitability. Ask us how a solid accounts receivables strategy for underperforming companies can be your foundation to leverage the opportunities outlined in these articles.   Disruption: A Seismic Shift in the Private Equity Industry Ernst & Young, in collaboration with Private Equity International, presents the… Continue reading>

Private Equity Firms: Connect Portfolio Companies to Your Network

How can your private equity firm provide additional value to portfolio companies? A recent Forbes article covers this topic, specifically discussing leveraging partner networks. In the article Connecting For Results: Private Equity Firms Assisting Their Portfolio Companies, a Grant Thornton survey found that four out of five of 162 middle-market private equity firms “are looking… Continue reading>

Top Concerns When Outsourcing Your Accounts Receivables Portfolio

What are the common concerns and questions when a company outsources its accounts receivable? In this video, Pam Krank, President of The Credit Department addresses how to maintain control of the accounts receivable and create a positive customer experience while working with a credit management outsourcing firm. Check out frequently asked questions of new TCD clients… Continue reading>

Finding the Hidden Cash in Your Accounts Receivables Portfolio

What is involved in the process of identifying problems in a portfolio? In this video, Pam Krank, President of The Credit Department discusses the questions to address and the common timelines for cleaning up a portfolio, as well as the expectations for seeing improvements in the accounts receivable. Interested in working with TCD? Learn about our… Continue reading>

Who Needs to Know?

I've had a number of conversations with financial people who are fearful about asking their customers for financial information. They're afraid of the responses back from the customers: "Why do you need this information?" "What will you be doing with it?" Credit Managers need to remind the customers that they're providing hundreds of thousands, even… Continue reading>