Fear of the “Money Talk”

When finding solutions for clients to improve cash flow, we find a common theme in most organizations: the crazy fear of talking to their customers about money. Sales trainers will say that the fear of "The Money Talk" causes many sales people to fail. If the customer doesn't have a budget, can't afford what you're… Continue reading>

Creating a Low Risk Credit Portfolio

Many mid-sized businesses can name their top ten customers by sales volume but have no simple way to determine their top ten biggest credit risks. If you’re in one of these companies, you may feel it’s inevitable that you’ll have to write off a certain percentage of sales as bad debt. Mind if I shock… Continue reading>

Finding Cash in Your Credit Department

Most mid-market companies understandably focus far more effort on sales than on their credit management. You may think the best way to bring in more cash quickly is to increase your sales; you’d be surprised how much cash you can find when you look inside your own credit department. During the Recession, we saw more… Continue reading>